April 13, 2024

Top 7 Best Center Channel Speakers under 1000 (Updated 2021)

Do you want to upgrade the current sound system of your home entertainment center? If so, then you should not rely on stereo speakers alone to deliver high-quality sounds. Instead, you need to purchase a center channel speaker that can deliver crystal clear vocals to your living room or bedroom.

A center channel speaker is the best way to clearly hear the dialogue that comes from whichever television show or film you’re watching. You’ll have total control over the volume of the dialogue without changing the volume of the sound effects. Then you won’t have to keep increasing and decreasing the volume just to hear what the characters are saying to each other.

There are several different types of center channel speaker models on the market. You can find some that are under $200, while others are up to $1,000. The difference between the cheaper models and the expensive models are their quality and number of features. If you’re looking for the best center channel speakers possible, then you should be prepared to shell out a grand.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 7 center channel speakers under $1,000.

1) Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker

The walnut finish is not the only reason why the Klipsch RP-504C center speaker is outstanding but also the quality of sound. The manufacturer supports this product with a Hybrid Tractrix Horn Technology. This technology helps the speaker to produce high-frequency energy for clear sound. The system reduces unwanted noise because of the indirect sound bouncing off walls.

The goal is to produce detailed sound as possible. Klipsch wants to minimize the distortion problem that often happens on the traditional speakers. That’s why this product is using a linear travel suspension titanium diaphragm tweeter. The manufacturer even thinks about applying a vented tweeter design to boost the detail and clarity of high-frequency sound.

The addition of spun copper ceramic woofers keeps this product lightweight without reducing its sound quality. Another impressive feature is the Tractrix ports. This feature helps reduce air turbulence entering the port. The goal is to reduce port noise for more powerful bass. The parts of this center speaker are easy to install.

It uses common screw terminals that are compatible with banana plugs or up to 12 gauge bare wire. The parts are also using vibrant color coding for easy setup. The body of this center speaker is durable with a scratch-resistant finish. Indeed, it is a stylish center speaker, along with copper trim rings, aluminum cast feed, and satin baffles. The manufacturer uses a laser to create a solid and long-lasting logo on the speaker. Imagine that you are about to get a premium look center speaker and the cost is less than $1000.

2) Definitive Technology CS-9060 Center Channel Speaker

Definitive Technology gives two items to give you high-quality sound while relaxing with your favorite music or movie. Those two items are a center channel speaker and a bipolar surround speaker. The combination of these two products produces an immersive home theater sound system. It is great if you want to listen to music or watch movies with friends at home.

You are about to hear clear sound from the speakers. The crystal-clear sound derives from a sophisticated driver technology that consists of aluminum Dome tweeter and mid drivers. This speaker is also perfect for those who love to listen to audio with powerful bass. The powerful subwoofer detects the sound of clear bass.

Your ears will not miss any notes because of the features in this speaker. It doesn’t matter where you put the speaker, you will get the best sound you want.

The surround speaker has similar features and sound quality. This product also has a Balanced Double Surround System for pure sound. The system is suitable for all sounds, including sounds from a movie, instrumental music, acoustic music, and many more. Both of them have a cabinet to minimize disturbances. The design looks elegant and simple, along with black color. The cost of this speaker may be more costly than the Klipsch center speaker, but you still get this impressive product not more than 1000.

3) Klipsch RP-600C Center Channel Speaker (Ebony)

You may think that it is impossible to get a high-quality center speaker for only $600. The good news is that it is possible to get the best speaker by only spending $600. Klipsch RP-600C center speaker is the option. The ebony finish makes this product look versatile, simple, and elegant. Indeed, you can’t underestimate the performance and the way this product produces sound.

Klipsch wants to serve pure and clear sound to its users. Because of that, the manufacturer applies several technologies and systems to achieve that goal. For example, this product is using hybrid tractrix horn technology to reduce the unwanted sound that bounces off walls. The sound quality improves significantly with the help of a linear travel suspension titanium diaphragm tweeter.

You will not hear any noise while listening to your favorite music. Thanks to the Tractrix Ports that reduce air turbulence as the cause of noisy sound in a speaker. Like other center speakers by Klipsch, this center speaker series is also easy to install and set. The body is stylish and matching with the quality of sound you will get.

You can also enjoy the cool body longer because it uses a scratch-resistant finish. It seems that the trim rings, cast feed, and baffles model make this speaker stunning and easy to mix and match with your furniture at home.

4) MartinLogan Motion 30 Center Channel Speaker – Each (Cherrywood)

You may choose MartinLogan Motion 30 Center Channel Speaker if you love something classic. The cherrywood finish makes this product stand out yet simple and impressive. Users will get the sound quality that they want with the features. The manufacturer provides this speaker with folded motion XT tweeter, woofers, and bass-reflex.

These features boost the speaker to produce crystal-clear and pure sound quality. The system reduces the interruption from the unwanted or noisy sounds while listening to the audio. The installation and setup process is fast and easy to do even if you are a first time user. MartinLogan uses audiophile-grade wire binding posts for a secure connection.

Users explain that this center channel speaker delivers clear dialogue when they watch movies. They are even amazed by the speaker because they can enjoy clear dialogues at all volumes. Clear dialogues mean that the speaker produces an accurate tone, smooth, and velvety sound. You can also combine this center speaker with other MartinLogan products, including MartinLogan subwoofer, dynamo, MartinLogan motion for an excellent audiophile system.

5) SVS Ultra Center Channel Loudspeaker

Do you want to have a home theater audio at an affordable cost? If it is so, you can bring SVS Ultra Center Channel Loudspeaker home. This product is using a 3-way design, along with a dome tweeter, a vertically aligned midrange driver, and dual woofers. The manufacturer chooses this design to boost the dispersion and accurate frequency response no matter the positions.

The manufacturer also chooses the materials carefully. For example, this product is using a composite glass-fiber cone midrange driver. This material increases the sensitivity of the system towards the sound frequency. The aluminum dome tweeter uses to cover the midrange driver for broadening dispersion. Users will get stable and smooth sound because of the high-quality capacitors, conductors, and other components.

The manufacturer tries to minimize diffraction by using a cabinet for the front baffle. It is great for listening to acoustic audio. You can listen to all parts of the acoustic audio. You will get a similar effect while using this center speaker for listening for dialogue in a movie. Indeed, this speaker is worth it enough, especially because you get an affordable cost speaker with complete and stunning features. The simple modern design may also attract you to bring this speaker home.

6) Focal Chora Center Channel Speaker

Movie lovers must bring Focal Chora Center Channel Speaker home. The features support the speaker to produce impressive sound, including the sound of dialogues or sound effects. It seems that you feel the atmosphere of the movie well. The speaker boosts any additional sound that supports the atmosphere of the scene.

You don’t need any additional tools only to install this speaker. The installation system is suitable and simple enough, so you can directly install this speaker on your TV unit. Another thing that makes this product worth it is the base with a loudspeaker. This feature improves the sound quality like when you listen to dialogues in the cinema.

The sound is even better if you combine this speaker with other Chora devices, such as Dolby Atmos Chora loudspeaker. A simple thing like aluminum or Magnesium even gives benefits to the sound. The design looks simple and elegant because of the recycled non-woven carbon fibers. Focal Chora Center Channel speaker even becomes the first product that uses non-woven carbon fibers and a thermoplastic polymer.

This product is not only suitable for listening for dialogues and sound effects of a movie but also acoustic. You can hear all the elements of the acoustic audio with this speaker. You are about to get center loudspeaker speaker drivers and slate fiber mid-bass. It works well with 91dB frequency response or around 59Hz up to 28kHz low-frequency point.

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7) Monitor Audio Silver C350 Center Channel Speaker

Monitor Audio Silver C350 Center Channel speaker is another good option. The black oak version looks classic yet impressive. This product has features that most high-quality center channel speakers must-have. For example, the manufacturer uses a 3-way system to boost the frequency response. This speaker also uses a bass or mid driver midrange driver, dome tweeter, and other components to stabilize the sound. As a result, you can expect a beautiful cinematic voice. It seems that you create a theater at home due to the quality of the sound.

So, you don’t need to get confused anymore about choosing the best center channel speaker. You can choose one of the options above. The speaker you choose depends on the quality of sound and the usage. The most important thing is that you can get the speaker not more than 1000.

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