April 14, 2024

5 Best High-End Center Channel Speakers (above 1000)

A high-end center channel speaker will let you hear the characters of your favorite entertainment programming with absolute clarity and realism. You’ll think the characters are actually in the room with you after you hear them through a high-end speaker like this one.

If you have a massive entertainment room in your home and you want the vocal sounds to be heard from everywhere clearly, then you will need a high-end center channel speaker. It gives you better quality sound in larger environments than the cheaper speakers do. The price and the brand should be an indication as to whether it is high end or not.

High-end means you’re getting the best of the best. But you have to pay for these kinds of results, which is why the highest end center channel speakers cost more than $1,000. These speakers are suitable for anyone who wants to entertain people at parties with clear music, vocals, and dialogue.

That way, the people can understand what is being said without having to turn up the volume and alter the volume of the sound effects too. The volume for each set of sounds is kept separate from each other in order to balance them out better.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 high-end center channel speakers above $1,000.

1) Klipsch RC-64 III

The Klipsch RC-64 III is considered by many people to be the best center channel speaker on the market. If you want to establish the ultimate home theater experience, then it is worth spending $1,499.00 to purchase the Klipsch RC-64.

For this amount of money, you’re getting a 55-pound speaker unit with a 1.75-inch titanium compression driver, four 6.5-inch cast basket cerametallic woofer, and two halfway network crossover design. You have several exterior styles to choose from, such as black ash, natural cherry, and walnut.

2) Dynaudio Evoke 25C

The Dynaudio Evoke 25C offers a 2-way design with a 28-millimeter soft dome tweeter and two 14-centimeter long-throw woofers. Magnesium silicate polymer is used to make the bass drivers. The white glossy color of the unit is certainly a unique look in comparison to the black center channel speakers out there. If you need a speaker to match the white color of your walls, then the Evoke 25C will blend very well.

You can find the Evoke 25C for $1,199.00 on Amazon. The unit weighs 26 pounds, so it is fairly lightweight for such a high-end speaker.

3) PhaseTech PC3.5

The PhaseTech PC3.5 is part of their premier collection of center channel speakers. You can find it available in gloss black or gloss white colors. It features a one-inch synthetic soft dome midrange driver (patented), 1.5-inch woven synthetic soft dome woofer (patented), and 6.5-inch glass fiber composite piston that includes NBR sound. It is another great high-end speaker to have for your sound system.

The price of the speaker is $1,060.00 on Amazon.

4) Jamo C10 CEN

The Jamo C10 CEN is a high-end center channel speaker that includes a one-inch silk dome tweeter with distortion reduction and anti-diffraction technology. Its hybrid composition conical cone offers the power and strength of titanium to deliver smooth audio and frequency response. The size and build of the speaker are truly impressive.

The price is $1,200.00.

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5) Atlantic Technology 6200eC-BLK

The Atlantic Technology 6200eC-BLK is a large speaker unit that looks different than its competition. It is a THX Ultra2 certified speaker that includes dual 6.5-inch GLH midrange drivers, one-inch silk dome tweeter, and high-frequency controls. The weight of the speaker is 46 pounds, so it is fairly heavy.

You can find it available for sale at about $1,450, although supplies are limited.


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