September 21, 2023

Top 20 Best and Cheap Deep Tissue Massage Guns

You’ve probably seen massage devices before. They are designed to relax and ease the tension in your muscles. But what they don’t do is reduce muscle soreness, scar tissue, and inflammation. That requires the use of a deep tissue massage gun.

Deep tissue massage guns go a step further than traditional massage devices. They work to flush out extracellular fluids in your lymphatic system so that blood will move away from your muscle tissue and flow toward your circulatory system. That is how inflammation is reduced.

Best and Cheap Deep Tissue Massage Guns

Check the best and cheap deep tissue massage guns below to get the right one.

1) Legiral Massage Gun for Athletes

Legiral is one of the most popular muscle pain relievers with great features. You can use this device to relieve tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs. This device is comfortable enough to use, along with a great model and features. Let say the manufacturer supports this device with 6 replacement massage heads. The function of the heads is to make sure that the device can reach every muscle for a maximal muscle pain treatment. Plus, this product is using a silicone handle.

The manufacturer chooses this material to give a better grip when you hold the massager. It prevents slips and falls during the treatment. You can use it once you receive the product. The LED control, adjustable speed, and adjustable vibration level help you a lot to feel the result from this device. This product has up to 20-speed levels to make sure that you get the most comfortable pressure on the muscles. You can even bring this massager anywhere you want by putting the components on a portable suitcase.

The model makes this product suitable for men and women, whether they are people who love doing sports, physical therapists, or chiropractors. Imagine that you can get this massager for less than $150.00. Indeed, it is cheap and treats your muscle pains well.

2) Maxkare Massage Gun for Athletes

Maxkare massage gun is another great option for those who are looking for a compact and lightweight massager. The good thing is that you can use this device before and after exercises. You only have to set the speed of this massager based on the need. For example, set the speed at 1200rpm if you want to want to have a comfortable massage before exercise. Increase the speed to 1600rpm for those who want to relax a little bit. Do you feel exhausted after exercise? Try to set the speed device to 2200rpm and feel the result. You can set the speed up to 3300rpm, and it is suitable for a professional massage to treat muscle pain relief.

The manufacturer makes the setting simple by giving warm-up, muscle relaxing, and deep massager modes. This device also produces great vibration from a 26V high-power brushless motor. You don’t need to worry about the noisy sound. This product only produces less than 55db sound. It will not bother you at all. You can still enjoy the massage.

Maxkare is also easy and comfortable to hold. The manufacturer chooses a skin-friendly material to prevent skin problems after holding the device. A 10 minutes massage by using Maxkare massage leads you to deep relaxation.

3) MILcea Massage Gun, Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

One of the reasons why people or athletes choose the MILcea massage gun is because of its powerful vibration and speed. The vibration and speed from this massage comfort their fascia and tense muscles. You are about to feel better after using this device for a few minutes. The heads work by transferring the vibration to recover soft tissues, blood circulation, and reduce lactic acid. Some people also use this product to overcome their shoulder and neck pain symptoms.

You will get a maximal result due to the 2400 to 3400 percussions per minute this device produces. This level helps to relieve deep tissue muscle. That’s why you feel more comfortable and don’t feel too much pain as before after applying this massager. The manufacturer gives you 6 adjustable heads, which are flat, conical, cylindrical, u-shaped, round large, and round medium.

You can adjust the best head for a variety of muscles and deep tissues, including joints, palmer and planter, meridian, neck, and spine. It is great for several parts of your body, such as the abdomen and arms, leg, and hips. The LED display screen will make it easy to set the device like what you want. Use the USB charge cable to recharge the battery if it is needed.

4) FYLINA Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Muscle Massage Gun

You may want to bring a massage gun anywhere you want. It means you need a compact massager, along with a longer battery lifespan. If it is so, FYLINA massage gun is the answer. This device stands up to 8 to 10 hours if it is fully recharged. The manufacturer also uses a specific feature that allows the device to shut-off automatically after 15 minutes. This feature will keep the motor from overheating and you use the device lasts longer.

The size is also compact and handy enough, to prevent slips when you hold this device. The good part is the 20 adjustable speed level. It gives you more speed options than comfortable enough for you. The gun strokes 1440 to 3200 times per minute. Plus, the head can reach tissue as deep as 16 mm. This specification helps to increase blood flow, fascia relaxation, and lactate decomposition. It is the reason why some athletes choose FYLINA massager.

The ability of the device is effective enough to reduce muscle pain after the workout. You can use this device anywhere and anytime you want without disturbing you and the surrounding. You will not hear the sound of the motor while using this device. The most important thing is that you get maximal power from the device to overcome your muscle pain problems.

5) Cryotex Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

Cryotex massage guns are not only cheap but also lightweight. You are about to use a 2 lbs device, along with an ergonomic design. The manufacturer even prepares a compact case to make sure that you can bring the massager anywhere you want. Don’t underestimate the performance only because it is a compact device. The 6 massage heads are effective to target specific muscles. You can choose one of the 4 different speed levels to get the highest comfort while and after using this device. That’s why your muscle pain will reduce and you won’t even feel the pain anymore once you finish the massage.

This message gun has several valuable features that lead to a deep muscle relaxation condition. This condition will restore your body faster, repair muscle, increase blood flow, and relieve lactic acid. It is okay if you want to use this device before exercise. You can see the setting easily due to the use of an LCD touch screen.

The 3.200 percussions per minute is effective enough to treat your muscles and joints. You will enjoy the process without disturbing by the sound of the motor. Thanks to the noise reduction technology that reduces the noisy sound significantly without decreasing its performance. This device is using a 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery. This battery is ready to support the massager up to 6 hours after fully recharged. This device has an LED battery indicator to make sure that there is still enough power to operate it.

6) Fusion Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Gun

A Fusion muscle massage gun is also affordable enough to buy. But, you get benefits more than you have paid. This device works to reduce muscle pain and keep it stiff by repairing deep-tissue on the back, legs, and arms. You only have to put on the right head and set the right speed to feel the benefits. A package of Fusion muscle massage gun consists of 6 heads and 20-speed levels. Users explain that they seem to get comfortable massage therapy while using this device. Indeed, they feel the positive impact after using this massager.

This device is not only giving you a lot of benefits but also easy to bring anywhere you want. You are about to get a package of Fusion muscle massage guns in a compact case. It is also lightweight enough to bring, such as to the gym, sports centers, football field, basketball field, and many others. As a result, you can use this device before and after the exercise or match.

The sound of the motor is only under 45 dB and it is quiet enough, so your friends will not hear it. This device produces up to 3300 percussions per minute with its quiet sound. That’s why some people or athletes also use this device to achieve a more peaceful massage and deeper relaxation.

7) Youdgee Massage Gun

Are you a professional physical therapist or chiropractor who needs a perfect massage gun? Youdgee massage gun is one of the right devices you are looking for. The features of this device are effective enough for recovery, deep muscle treatment, and pain relief. You feel relaxed after a few minutes because this device increases blood flow, relieves the fascia, and knots.

Unlike other massagers above, this product only has 5 massage heads and 6-speed levels. It is not a serious matter because you can still adjust the device as you want. The manufacturer uses the latest noise reduction technology to create a quiet massager. At the same time, the manufacturer also wants to create a device that lasts longer to use. It can be seen from the use of a 2600mAh, 24v lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This battery works up to 5 hours in fully recharged condition and produces up to 3.200 percussions per minute.

As a professional physician sports or chiropractor, you have to bring this device anywhere you go, right? The manufacturer knows your need, so they offer this massager in a compact carrying case. This product is also suitable for travellers, athletes, and other people because it is easy to use.

8) MAGGO Muscle Massage Gun, Hand Held Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

MAGGO muscle massage gun is another alternative to a cheap and effective massager. The manufacturer creates this device for all users, whether you are a personal user, professional user, professional physical therapist, or chiropractor. That’s why the design is simple and easy to use, along with a maximal result. Let say the manufacturer gives 6 massage heads that are easy to change. Each head will give a different massage experience. The most important thing is that you will be calm and relaxed after using this product.

The vibration from this device stimulates blood pressure, activates muscles, and reduces muscle recovery time. You often feel more comfortable and less pain after using this device for a few minutes. It is a cordless device, so you can move the massager anywhere you want around the body without getting confused with the cable.

The power is coming from a 2400mAh rechargeable lithium battery. This battery allows you to use this massager for up to 6 hours at a low speed. The motor is powerful enough to run the head to hit the deep tissues. On the other hand, you will not hear a noisy sound at all. Indeed, this device leads you to achieve maximum comfort.

9) TOLOCO Massage Gun, Upgrade Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes

Do you often suffer from fatigue? If it is so, use a TOLOCO massage gun to relieve your fatigue. This device is not only for relieving fatigue but also for relieving muscle tension, stimulating blood flow, and decomposing lactic acid. You can set the speed and head first before using the device. Different speed levels and heads bring a different massage sensation.

Imagine that you are not only getting 6 massage heads but up to 15 massage heads. The more heads you get, the more massage variations you can do with this device. The use of the 12mm amplitude helps to relax your fascia and increase your body vitality. It is a cordless and ergonomic product, so you can hold the handle safely and move the device comfortably to any part of your body. The most important thing is that the model and feature prevent you from injury while using this product. You don’t need to get confused about the way to store the small parts.

The manufacturer offers the massager, along with a carrying case. This case makes the device and its parts easy to bring. You can take them anytime you need to massage. This device is effective enough with all the features. That’s why you will feel the positive effect right away.

10) TaoTronics Portable Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun with 6 Heads and 20 Adjustable Speeds

Imagine if you have a massage gun that is ready to massage you for up to 10 hours. You will be satisfied enough, right? TaoTronics is one of the massage guns that has a long battery lifespan. It is suitable for those who often use a massager such as a professional physical therapist or chiropractor. Don’t get shocked if the device turns off automatically after 15 minutes. It is the system on the device to prevent overheating. As a result, the motor works maximally longer.

The head of the device can reach your deep tissue up to 12mm depth because it produces 1400 to 3200 strokes per minute. This performance gives a lot of benefits, including stimulating blood flow and reducing muscle pain. You feel the effect of this device right away when you treat your tight muscle problem. Choose one of 10 adjustable speed levels and 6 massage heads to get the most comfortable massage.

It doesn’t matter if you want to bring this massager in crowded areas, such as an office, gym, or sports center. This device is using a noise reduction feature, so it is quiet. Your friends will not hear the noisy sound from the motor. They may even be curious about the device and want to have the same massager as you. A travel case will make everything simpler and faster. Put all the components of the massager on the case and you are ready to go.

11) EKUPUZ Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

Some people need to use a massage gun with a specific speed to reach his or her comfort. EKUPUZ massage gun tries to facilitate this need by offering a more powerful vibration and a variety of speed levels. You can choose up to 30-speed levels and 6 massage heads.

The combination of speed and head works well to relax your soft tissue and recover muscle pain. Users even can use this product to relieve their muscle stiffness and soreness, stimulate blood pressure and flow, improve the work of lymph circulation, and improve health. Some athletes, rock climbers, fitness instructions, and hikers use this device due to the benefits they get from it. The speed can produce up to 3.200 percussions per minute. The 14 mm amplitude on this device helps to relieve deep tissue muscle and decrease pain. Make sure that you choose the right head to feel maximal impacts.

It will be perfect if the device has a long lifespan, right? The good news is that you can use up to 8 hours if the battery is fully recharged. You only have to wait for 3 to 4 hours until the battery is fully recharged. You will not hear a noisy sound while using the device. The manufacturer knows that a noisy sound can disturb your comfort while massaging.

12) Youdgee Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

Youdgee also comes with a 7 heads deep tissue muscle massage gun. The heads are suitable for massaging your hands, back, buttock, leg, neck, spinal, Achilles, and many more. You can also use this device for a specific purpose, including a deep tissue massage, relaxation, soft tissue massage, and many more. You only have to use the right head and speed to feel the maximal result. The model is suitable for all users, including travelers, athletes, professional physical therapists, chiropractors, and even employees.

The ergonomic design and noisy reduction technology make it possible to bring this device anywhere you want. The manufacturer even supports you with a case to make sure that you bring all the components of the massager. Open the case and grab the ergonomic handle once you need to use the device. It is handy, along with a comfortable grip handle to prevent slip. Turn on the device and set the speed and head.

That’s it! The corded model allows you to put this device anywhere around your body comfortably. The most important thing is that you feel the result after a few minutes. Your comfort will not be disturbed only by the noisy sound from the motor.

13) TaoTronics Tissue Percussion Massager Gun: Muscle Massager with 5 Speeds and 5 Heads

TaoTronics massage gun with 5 speed and 5 heads is a standard to get a comfortable massage. It is one of the best and cheap products you can use. The more heads you get, the more massage variations you can feel by using this massager. You can try all the heads to feel the massage sensation. Combine the head with the right speed to get maximal massage comfort while using this device. It is also a perfect device for those who need a massage gun with a longer battery lifespan. It will be great if the product can also recharge the battery faster.

This device is not only useful to treat muscle pain but also other problems, such as a problem with blood pressure or flow, deep tissue, and many more. That’s why you seem to be healthier after using this massager a few times.

Put all the components of the device on its case and you are ready to bring this device anywhere you want. The cordless makes this product simpler because you don’t need to get confused with the cable and electricity. You will need it only to recharge the battery.

14) Theragun Elite – All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Theragun Elite massage gun offers a different model compared to the guns above. This product is using a triangle model to get a better grip. The model makes this device easy to hold and can’t easily slip from your hand.

This OLED massage gun uses a powerful motor with a specific technology. This combination creates powerful and comfortable massages with less noisy sound. The power of the motor even helps to do deep muscle treatment accurately. The battery lifespan of this device may be the shortest compared to the massagers above, but a two hours massage is enough if you are using the right device. This product offers 1750 to 2400 PPMs, so you can get the right speed to treat your muscles.

Another great thing about Theragun Elite is that you can connect this device to its app via Bluetooth. This app helps you to manage wellness routines based on your behaviours and preferences. Indeed, you still receive a small case to manage the components well before storing or bringing them anywhere you go. It is a perfect option for those who are looking for a cheap massager with maximal performance.

15) FITPULSE Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

FITPULSE massage gun is our next recommendation. One of the reasons is because this device offers up to 10 heads to give you great massage sensations. Another reason is the long-life battery.

A 2550mAh battery is powerful enough to support you to use this device for up to 6 hours. The charging time is also fast, so you don’t have to wait for too long. It is not only offering a variety of heads but also speed levels. Imagine that you can choose up to 30 adjustable speed levels by using this device. It allows you to get a perfect combination for the most comfortable massage. The 3.200rpm speed is great for muscle relaxation after exercise. It is okay if you only use this massager for your daily body massage.

The vibration makes your body feel better. You only have to massage your body for a few minutes to achieve a better body. The ergonomic design keeps your hand comfortable while moving the handle. Keep the small components of this massager safe by storing them on the case. The case will manage the components for fast storage. It also works well if you want to bring the device right away.

16) Kamots Beauty Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Muscle Massage Gun

Kamots massage gun also offers up to 12 massage heads. The goal of this offer is to make sure that you can get a comfortable deep tissue massage and fit all the body regions. A different massage head is for different muscle groups. It helps to release muscle tension and helps to relieve muscle pain effectively. Imagine that you can do a full-body massage by yourself with this device.

The manufacturer produces this device, along with a powerful motor. The motor supports the system to move the head to hit the right tissue in your body. As a result, you will feel comfortable after using this device for a few minutes. The 2500mAh battery is powerful enough, so you can use this massager for up to 6 hours if it is fully recharged. On the other hand, you only need to wait for 2 hours to recharge the battery before using it again.

The opportunity to get the right speed is bigger because this device has up to 30 adjustable speed levels. Make sure that you get the right combination between the speed and head for the best massage sensation. This device maintains itself because of the AI Smart Chip. It will stop working after 1-hour usage to maintain the battery and motor.

17) Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun, Portable Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Urikar Pro 3 massage gun has a sleek design. It makes this product handy to hold during the massage. Only because of its sleek design doesn’t mean that this device is not good to use. This massager is even perfect for those who want to feel the impact of deep massage therapy. The manufacturer sets this device to produce only 45W power but it generates up to 4300rpm vibration. This achievement makes the head hit up to 14mm depth to the tissues.

It is perfect for athletes who often feel exhausted and suffered from muscle pain after exercise. You only need to apply this device in the muscle pain area for 3 minutes. After that, you will feel better. The sleek design is suitable for those who want to do full-body massage by themselves at home.

You are about to use a rotatable grip that can rotate up to 180 degrees. This ability is to make sure that the device can reach the lower back or behind your neck easily. This device even has dual chips that produce heat to improve the benefits. You can use it for up to 10 hours when the battery is fully recharged. It is long enough to provide a comfortable full-body massage.

18) Hypervolt Bluetooth, Featuring Quiet Glide Technology

Hypervolt message guns are high-tech. The manufacturer supports this product with technology and features that other massage guns may not have. Let say you are about to have a massager with Bluetooth. This feature allows you to connect with the Hyperice app. The goal is to help you deal with pre-built or custom recovery programs.

This device is also using glide technology to reduce the noisy sound. It keeps you enjoying the massage without feeling depressed with the sound of the motor. Choose one of the three-speed levels before using the device. The speed produces 3200 percussions per minute and it is good enough to relieve muscle pain.

You need to wait for about 3 hours for the battery to be fully recharged before using the device again. The features are perfect for percussion therapy, such as warm-up, recovery, improve range of motion and flexibility, and enhance muscle performance. Indeed, you can bring this device anywhere you want because it is only 2.5 lbs and TSA approved.

19) BUTYCE Muscle Massage Gun, Hand Held Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

BUTYCE muscle massage gun is another recommendation for athletes who need fast muscle recovery. The system and features in this device are great enough for deep tissue muscle massage. The head works well to hit the tissue deep enough to boost the result.

The manufacturer also produces this device for percussion therapy. You will get a better muscle performance a few minutes after using the device. Another effect is that you will not feel muscle pain anymore when you apply this device after exercise. It is also okay to use this device before exercise to reduce the muscle pain risk after exercise. Indeed, it is a worth it massager despite its cheap price.

20) Rova Massage Gun Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Neck Back Massager

Rova massage gun is our last recommendation. This device is also good if you want to have a cheap massager yet it gives you a maximal result. Despite the price, this product has great features and components. For example, it has automatic timing and ultra-heat dissipation technology. This technology helps to maintain the device by stopping to work after 10 minutes.

Another function is to make sure that you don’t over massage in the same area. The ultra-heat dissipation helps the system to spread the heat right away to prevent overheating. The manufacturer gives 4 heads, along with 3-speed levels.

Imagine that you will get up to 12 massage sensations by only combining the heads and speed levels. You can use this device anywhere you want even close to your sleeping baby. This device doesn’t produce noisy sounds.

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Tips to Choosing the Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Deep tissue massage guns are the latest trend in the “personal care” marketplace. The problem is that many people don’t know which deep tissue massage guns to purchase for their specific needs. If you’re one of those people, perhaps we can help you make that decision effectively.

Below are the top six tips for choosing the best deep tissue massage gun.

1) Warranty

A low-quality deep tissue massage gun can malfunction easily. Even if you purchase an expensive massage gun, it doesn’t mean the quality is good. That is why you should only buy a deep tissue massage gun if it includes a warranty.

Any reputable company will offer at least a one-year warranty on their deep tissue massage guns. If you purchase a massage gun under a warranty plan, you can have the gun replaced if it malfunctions unexpectedly. The company will cover the replacement costs.

2) Handles

It is best to choose a deep tissue massage gun that comes with a handle to hold. Some massage guns require you to hold the battery to grip them, which is rather uncomfortable.

A handle makes it so much easier to hold and control the massage gun. If you’re going to give someone a massage for 60 minutes, your wrist and hand should be comfortable the entire time.

3) Attachments

Look for deep tissue massage guns with different attachments included with them. For instance, you might fund a massage gun with attachable ball heads, bullet heads, flat heads, and fork heads.

Each particular head offers a different massage experience. They also target other muscle groups in the body. Once you learn how the heads target the muscles, you can create a more effective massage experience for the person who gets it.

4) Battery Life

A good deep tissue massage takes between 30 and 60 minutes.  Since deep tissue massage guns are portable devices, they get their power from lithium-ion batteries. Some batteries can hold a charge for a longer time than others.

Choose a deep tissue massage gun with a battery that lasts for at least 60 minutes on a full charge. If the massage gun has different strength settings, you could set it to low strength for a longer massage lasting up to 4 to 8 hours.

5) Quiet Operation

 Do not assume that all deep tissue massage guns are quiet. Some of them make a lot of noise as they operate. The same level of volume comes from standard home appliances, such as windowed air conditioners and blenders.

If the word “quiet” is printed on the box, then you’ll know it will be a less annoying massage gun.  That is what you’ll want.

6) PPM

PPM stands for “Percussions per Minute.” It is the number of pulses administered to the muscles and tissues within one minute. The best deep-tissue massage guns will give you a PPM range of between 1,000 and 3,700.

The deepest massage guns will offer the most PPM. If you want to target your inner muscles and tissues, look for a PPM over 3,000. It might be too intense for some people, though, so make sure you can handle that many PPMs.

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