July 23, 2024

5 Best Toroidal Transformers for Power Supply Audio Amplifier

Transformers are components found in electronic circuits. They are designed to increase or decrease the amount of voltage in an alternating current. But not all transformers are the same exactly. There are several types of transformers on the market, but the ones we’ll be focused on are toroidal transformers.

Toroidal transformers are used in power amplifiers and inverters. You would find these components in the most popular electrical equipment, including audio systems, radios, televisions, and computers. The reason this transformer is called “toroidal” is due to its shape. A torus is a circular surface that rotates around a line within the same plane.

It is best to use toroidal transformers in compact power supplies, such as the power supplies used to make audio amplifiers. Toroidal transformers are lightweight, small, and highly efficient. When you combine these attributes, the toroidal transformers provide excellent quality performance. You just have to choose the best toroidal transformer for your particular power supply audio amplifier.

Best Toroidal Transformers for Power Supply Audio Amplifier

Below are the top 5 best toroidal transformers for power supply audio amplifiers.

1) Triad Magnetics Toroidal Transformer World Series

The Triad Magnetics Toroidal Transformer is a world series transformer. It comes from the recognizable brand name “Triad Magnetics.” You’ve probably seen this name associated with all kinds of magnetic-related components, such as power transformers, wall plug-in transformers, power supplies, LED drivers, audio transformers and inductors.

You’ll be happy to know the transformer was made in the United States of America. Based on this information alone, you can immediately tell that it is a good quality transformer. The item weight will be 2.81 pounds when it is shipped to you. If you’re curious to research the transformer based on its specific model number, you can search “VPT24-4170.”

The package dimensions are 4.41” x 4.13” x 2.64”. It already has a five-star rating on Amazon with no negative comments or star ratings whatsoever. The transformer’s output is in AC, so it should be suitable for your power supply audio amplifier.

2) Multicomp Pro Toroidal Transformer – MCTA015/12

The Multicomp Pro Toroidal Transformer comes from one of the biggest electronic component distributors in the world. Multicomp has more than 500,000 different electronic components in its inventory. Global engineers have grown to depend on Multicomp for its transformers, transistors, inductors, capacitors, resistors, multimeters, circuit breakers, fuses, and the list goes on.

The Multicomp Pro Toroidal Transformer has a power rating of 15 SVHC, an output current of 0.63A, an output voltage of 12 volts and a secondary current nom of 630. The transformer is compatible with panel mounting only. When the package arrives at your address, it will be 0.160 ounces in weight. The dimensions are 3.66” x 3.19” x 1.69”.

The transformer is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. That means hazardous substances were not used to manufacture the transformer. If you’re looking for an effective, reliable and safe transformer for your power supply audio amplifier, you will love the results of the Multicomp Pro Toroidal Transformer MCTA015/12.

3) Thincol Amplifier Power Supply

The Thincol Amplifier Power Supply Toroidal Transformer features a high-quality magnetic core with high magnetic permeability and low coercivity. Its thermal conduction frequency layer is good for heat dissipation and limiting interference. The lead material is resistant to high temperatures and flames, which allows the transformer to have a long lifespan.

Other features which boost the durability of the transformer are its high-quality steel bracket and pure copper coil. The bracket reduces vibrations while the coil stabilizes the voltage and maintains a high current supply. If you need a transformer with a size AC 110V, then you’ve found one of the best transformers for a power supply audio amplifier.

The Thincol Toroidal Transformer is more than an ordinary transformer. It is actually a power transformer with plastic, copper, and stainless steel. Its input voltage is AC 110V / 50 Hz, while its output voltage has three different specifications. The amplifier board backward stage has two output voltages of AC / 28 volts. The preamp has two output voltages of AC / 12 volts. The control and protection have an output voltage of AC / 12 volts.

4) Triad Magnetics Transformer, Toroidal, 2 X 12V, 25Va – VPT24-1040

Here is another wonderful toroidal transformer from the popular brand “Triad Magnetics.” Like all of their transformers, the VPT24-1040 model was also made in the United States as well. The results will please you because it is just as effective as the other VPT24-4170 model.

However, the VPT24-1040 model has slightly different specifications. It has a power rating of 25VA, secondary current nom of 2.08A, two secondary output voltages of 12 volts each, and compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

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5) Fesjoy 200W Toroidal Transformer

The Fesjoy 200W Toroidal Transformer can be used for various electronic purposes, such as for speakers, circuit protectors, amplifiers, and tone preamplifiers. Its high flux ring core is designed to decrease magnetic dispersion losses. You won’t experience much interference or noise while this amplifier is in action.

A high molecular polyester film was used to manufacture this transformer. The film serves as a high-quality insulator for the component. It allows the transformer to operate properly during harsher temperature settings. It can survive temperatures as high as 266°F and temperatures as low as 130°C.

The transformer was coiled with an industrial-grade pure copper wire of high mechanical strength. It is one of the toughest and most resistant transformers you could use for your power supply audio amplifier. The size choices include 110 volts or 220 volts. The price difference is only a matter of a dollar, so don’t be afraid to choose the appropriate size for your transformer. It won’t impact your budget whatsoever.

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