November 24, 2023

Top 9 Best Battery Backup for Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi is the most popular form of internet that is used in homes and businesses. Since it is wireless internet, you don’t need to connect your laptop, smartphone, or other smart devices to a modem with a wire. All these smart technologies can simply operate off the same Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. You just need to set up your Wi-Fi router accordingly. The router is what wirelessly transfers the internet signal to your smart electronic devices.

The newest homes are built as smart houses. These are the types of houses where the “internet of things” play a huge role in their interior design. Imagine a house where the door locks, lights, thermostat, refrigerator, and oven are all controlled through a Wi-Fi connection. You could be hundreds of miles away and still be able to control the smart technologies of your home by using the app on your smartphone. It doesn’t get better than that.

However, you could end up with router problems if your home or business suffers a power surge or power failure. Without backup power for your Wi-Fi router, the functionality of your smart devices and appliances will be eliminated if anything happens to the power source of the Wi-Fi router.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect the power of your Wi-Fi router. You simply need to purchase a battery backup for your Wi-Fi router. This battery backup is like a reserve power source for the Wi-Fi router whenever it is needed. That way, the technologies that depend on the Wi-Fi connection can continue to function.

Our Best Picks

Do you need help finding the best battery backup for your Wi-Fi router? If so, then take a look at the top 9 best battery backups below.

1) CyberPower CP350SLG Standby UPS System

The CyberPower CP350SLG Standby UPS System is available in four different sizes. These sizes pertain to its uninterruptible power supply system. You can purchase the 350V for $39.95, 425VA for $48.95, 550VA for $51.95, and 650VA for $105.95. The manufacturer gives purchasers a 3-year warranty on the system, which includes a $75,000 guarantee that covers all connected equipment as well as the battery itself.

The LED indicators on the CyberPower CP350SLG will let you know whether it is powered on or if there is a fault in the wiring. Whenever the power is outside the level of safe voltage, the system alternates to DC battery power to protect it and all the connected electrical equipment. Your Wi-Fi router will be in good hands here.

2) APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector

The APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector is the perfect uninterruptible power supply you can purchase for your Wi-Fi router and all other smart technologies in your home. Not only does it offer battery backup power for when you have a power outage, but it also keeps your electronic devices safe in case there is a power surge. There are 7 outlets available to power multiple electronic devices at once.

APC gives consumers a 3-year warranty on the UPS and a $75,000 guarantee on all the equipment connected to it. You can easily mount the UPS onto the wall with the wall plug included with the unit. Other helpful accessories included are the 5-foot power cord and the free power management software.

3) CyberPower ST625U Standby UPS System

The CyberPower ST625U Standby UPS System contains 8 electrical outlets and dual USB charging ports. That means you can plug up to 8 different electronic devices into the UPS system. Four of these electrical outlets include battery backup technology and surge protection technology, while the other four electrical outlets only have surge protection technology. This is perfect for running your Wi-Fi broadband routers as well as your laptops, desktop computers, video game consoles, televisions, and so on.

CyberPower offers warranty coverage for 3 years on the battery and system. You’ll also receive up to $100,000 in guaranteed protection for the equipment that you connect to the system. That means if a surge were to damage your computer while it was plugged into the surge protection outlet, then it would be covered under warranty.

4) APC UPS Connect

The APC UPS Back-UPS Connect offers immediate backup power to your Wi-Fi router and other electronic devices. The UPS system even comes with a modem that is built into the unit. This will come in very handy if you experience a power outage and need to maintain a direct line of communication in an emergency situation like this. The modem and backup power should last you for as long as 12 hours.

There are 8 layers of power protection for the battery management system. Since it is designed to be energy efficient, the UPS system won’t consume as much electricity as comparable devices. Then you will save money on your monthly power bill, which is something we can all appreciate.

5) AmazonBasics Standby UPS 600VA

The AmazonBasics Standby gives you a UPS system with a battery backup of 600VA and 360W. This is the right amount of backup power for a Wi-Fi router, computer, or any number of smart devices. It is recommended that you don’t overload the UPS past 80% of its total capacity. That way, you can ensure that your electronic devices will function normally.

There is a total of 8 outlets on this device. Four offer surge protection, and the other four offer battery backup and surge protection. The UPS system is compact in size, so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it in any room of your home or office. AmazonBasics gives customers a 1-year limited warranty on the battery and system. You also get a $75,000 guarantee on connected equipment too.

6) APC Battery Backup

The APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector includes an uninterruptible power supply of 850VA and two USB ports for charging. The system features 9 different outlets for your electronic devices to draw power from. Three of these outlets offer surge protection, while the other six outlets give you battery backup power and surge protection.

APC gives consumers a 3-year warranty on their UPS battery backup and surge protection system. The connected-equipment warranty policy is valued up to $75,000. Since this is one of the more powerful battery backup systems, you shouldn’t have any problem powering your Wi-Fi router and several other important electronic devices.

7) CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic UPS System

The CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic UPS System contains a whopping 12 electrical outlets for your electronic devices, including your Wi-Fi router and computer. It has a unique feature called ECO mode, which shuts down the energy to your computer peripherals if the system detects that your computer is on sleep mode or shut off. This should help you reduce your power consumption and energy bill.

CyberPower provides a 3-year warranty with the purchase of this UPS system. The connected equipment guarantee is $100,000, which is higher than most of the other UPS systems on this list. The best part is the EC850LCD is about the same price as the other UPS systems too. Six of the outlets have surge protection, and another six have surge protection and battery backup. Three of the surge-protected outlets have the eco control mode feature.

8) CyberPower AVRG750U AVR Series UPS 750VA

The CyberPower AVRG750U is another powerful UPS system with 12 outlets. Like the previous CyberPower UPS system, this one contains six outlets with surge protection and six outlets with surge protection and battery backup power. This is suitable for powering a Wi-Fi router and other types of electronic devices. The automatic voltage regulation fixes any small power fluctuations so that battery power can be conserved.

Although the AVRG750U does not have an ECO mode, it does have data line protection in case there is a power surge sent through your phone line. You might require this type of protection if you have an office that still uses corded phones.

9) APC 1000VA Compact UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector

The APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector offers 1000VA battery backup and surge protection. This is more battery backup power than you can find anywhere else. There is a total of 8 outlets, with 4 surge-protected outlets and 4 surge-protected and battery-backed outlets. Other cool features include 1 gigabyte worth of network data protection, free power management software, and a 3-year warranty with a $250,000 policy for connected equipment.

There are even more powerful versions of the APC UPS system that have 1350VA and 1500VA. You won’t need that much power for a battery backup unless you have multiple routers and computers to support.

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As you can see, there are plenty of UPS systems for your battery backup and surge protection needs. You should have no problem keeping your Wi-Fi router fully powered and functional at all times. The price ranges on most of these UPS systems are between $60 and $130. These are reasonable prices when you consider how much value and protection they’re providing to your expensive computers and electronics.

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