September 23, 2023

5 Best Center Channel Speakers under 200 and 100

Do you have a surround sound system at your home? Many people love to install a two-channel speaker system with soundbars in the entertainment center of their living rooms. However, it is difficult to hear the dialogue of a movie or television show when it comes out of the left and right speakers. All the other background noises and sounds kind of muddle the vocals, so you’re forced to turn up the volume to hear them.

A center channel speaker is a cure for this problem. If you add a center channel speaker to your surround sound system, then you can play the vocals from the center channel speaker and all the music and sound effects from your other stereo speakers. Then you can keep the vocals at one particular volume and the sound effects at another volume.

You might think that such a setup is expensive, but it is actually not. You can find some fabulous center channel speakers for incredibly low prices.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 center channel speakers under $200 and under $100

1) Polk Audio CSI A4

You will get plenty for your money if you purchase the Polk Audio CSI A4. For starters, its exterior contains the classic wooden finish which is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It also makes the sound quality better in comparison to those cheap plastic speakers. Between the real wood and asymmetrical design, you will love including the Polk Audio CSI A4 in your entertainment sound system.

The current price on Amazon is $160.00.

2) Polk Audio TSI CS10

The Polk Audio TSI CS10 is a central channel speaker that is suitable for any home entertainment center or theater. It comes with two 133-millimeter mid-frequency diffusers and one 25-millimeter tweeter. Polymer was used to construct the diffusers, which is a durable but more inexpensive material. Vinyl finishing covers the exterior. The frequency range is between 53 Hz and 25 kHz.

The current price on Amazon is $119.00.

3) Sony SSCS8

The Sony SSCS8 is a well-designed center channel speaker that should be the central speaker for the surround sound system of your home entertainment system. The highest power limit is 145 watts, so it is a powerful sound system that gives you realistic sounds. You won’t get too much treble or bass like you would with other speakers. All the sounds coming from this speaker are clear and easy to understand.

The Sony SSCS8 includes a 1-inch tweeter and two 4-inch woofers. A mica reinforced diaphragm is used for the woofers. The upper surface design allows for excellent sound quality, while the lower surface design is better for powerful bass sounds.

The current price on Amazon is $119.99.

4) Polk Audio T30

The Polk Audio T30 is a highly competitive center channel speaker because it emits clear vocal sounds that can consume an entire room. You’ll never have trouble hearing what anyone on television is saying ever again. There is a support base integrated into the speaker system, so it should function fine with most stereo systems and home theater processors and receivers.

The current price on Amazon is $99.00, which is one of the lowest prices for a quality center channel speaker that you can find.

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5) Pioneer SP-C22

The Pioneer SP-C22 is great for vocal and music performances. The size of the speaker structure is a little bit bigger than your average center channel speaker, but that is good because it makes the bass response fabulous. The one-inch soft dome tweeter gives you great efficiency and clarity. Its sophisticated crossover design makes sound reproduction more accurate.

The current price on Amazon is $99.99. This is also one of the lowest prices that you will find for a center channel speaker.

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