November 28, 2023

5 Best Cheap Wearable Fitness Tracker Watches with ECG Monitor

Fitness tracker watches are amazing pieces of technology. They give you an easy way to track and monitor your ECG, heart rate, step count, distance traveled, sleep quality and so many other things related to your health and well-being. All you need to do is wear the fitness tracker on your wrist while you exercise or move around. The tracker will track and record all this relevant information about you in the meantime.

ECG Monitor in Fitness Tracker Watches

Electrocardiogram or ECG monitor is a general diagnostic test to evaluate the heart’s performance. The test records electric activities in the heart. Then, in a certain limit, it identifies when there is abnormal blood stream. In the past, the ECG monitor can just be accessed in the clinic or hospital. But now you can access the ECG monitor trough the fitness tracker watches. And you must choose fitness tracker with ECG monitor built-in.

Our Best Picks

There are many fitness tracker watches you can find on the markets. But most of them come without ECG monitor built-in. So that, in this article we picks the top 5 best and cheap wearable fitness tracker watches with ECG monitor built-in.  All these 5 products you can find and buy at amazon with good price.

1) MorePro E.C.G. Fitness Tracker

The unique ECG wearable doesn’t only look trendy on you but it gives multiple features to monitor your health. They are the ECG monitor and analysis, the tracking system for rhythm and heart rate, IPS color screen, intelligent activity tracker, and more. the product helps you so much when you want to effectively update your heart condition including the heart rate. It automatically analyzes problems when the rate seems unusual.

The health monitor also works in 24 hours and 7 days and it updates your heartbeat even when you are sleeping. Interestingly, it detects well not only when sleeping at night but also during take a nap. Even sleeping data are monitored and analyzed well whether you have a deep sleep or light sleep. The product features a long battery life. It lasts 5 days when you have been fully charged it.

2) Sanag Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor ECG + PPG

Functions are important things when you are buying a smartwatch. But for many people, the design is another thing that can attract them. Sanag seems to consider that both the design and function and important. So, the product was born, it is cool and stylish with multiple functions from multiple features. Some features are dynamic UI, the waterproof system, accurate tracker and sleeping monitoring, HR and NP monitor, and more. Additionally, it also features general functions like call and message notifications, compatibility with iPhone and Android, and being supportive with 9 types of sports and exercises.

Those features make the performance of Smart watch more accurate. It simply indicates problems or unusual conditions of your heart rate in some possibilities. Meanwhile, your body’s condition when sleeping is also monitored well. Not to forget, the product also supports activities and tracking to burn calories, diet and eating management, and more.

3) VIVA GPS ECG Monitor Fitness Tracker

For you who prefer a wide screen on a smart watch, the series from DR. VIVA is highly recommended. Slightly, it looks like a conventional smart watch but when you tap the screen or push some buttons in it, it is a complete health wearable. It works well with the 24/ 7 heart rate monitor to improve accuracy in monitoring the heart rate. Therefore, when it indicates an unusual rate, it is simply analyzed and the result can be simply out.

It also features a Built-in GPS that can acquire satellite signal faster so that the distance and pace of the track running can be predicted.  Some modes are available here including the fitness-tracker mode, running and ball sports mode, and so on. The touch color screen makes the wearable look more attractive as well. General features are also available including the ECG monitor, automatic sleep monitor, vibration alarm, message and call notifications, power-saving mode, and more.

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4) Sigma Sport PC 15. 11 ECG Monitor

The smartwatch from Sigma is really lightweight with a slim dimension; it is 2.8 x 4.5 x 6.3 inches and 1.6 ouches. The brand promotes this one as a perfect training partner. Some features given are suitable for activities like aqua aerobics and training sessions. Of course, it enables the users to monitor their heart performance through the ECG monitor added. Besides, it has a key tone for on and off, time backlight, language date, and more.

Despite measuring and monitoring the heart beat, the wearable helps you in managing calories. It supports you when you want to burn calories in your body. Additionally, the product works very well to measure the number of calories you are consuming every day. Sure, other features are available like Smartphone connectivity, message tone and incoming call alerts, and more.

5) WINAWORLD E08/ P&G Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker with ECG + PPG Monitor

In terms of design, WINAWORLD is a little bit different from others. If most of smartwatch and heart-tracker bracelet products are in black or other simple colors, this one is different. The series even comes with teal and pink colors. Undeniably, the product is intended for girls and teenagers. It looks cute for sure. But you should not worry since it provides you functions and benefits that are as good as other products mentioned above.

The main feature available is indeed the ECG monitor for blood pressure and heart-rate measurement. It is also effective and accurate to record calories whether those that are taken in or out. When you are eating too much with many calories, the smartwatch even gives you a list of suggestions what you need to do to lower the level down. for certain activities like running, there are additional features to track the distance and estimate the steps you will take.

Other functions are to maintain the intensity of exercise, maximize training effects, and support health management entirely. Sure, other general features are added including time display, incoming call, mail notifications, Smartphone connectivity, social media notifications, and more. When you are buying it, even the security has been guaranteed also.

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