September 22, 2023

Top 5 Best Gaming PC under $1000

If you are into gaming, you know how your device can highly affect what kind of game you can play. Moreover, nowadays game manufacturers are competing to create high-quality graphic and gameplay that requires a PC or laptop with higher specification. Of course, these high requirements come with higher price tags, which sometimes can make beginners in gaming think twice before jumping into this hobby.

5 Best Gaming PC under $1000

In buying any type of gadget, don’t just look at the price tag. If you are not really tech-savvy, you may think that every expensive electronics means better quality, while it is not always the case. The same goes for when you are buying a gaming PC. Here are some best gaming PC under $1000 you should consider which worth the price.

  1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element MR

The first in this list is going to be a gaming PC from iBUYPOWER. This model is known as one of the best options for a gaming PC with great performance and a short budget. This PC uses the Intel’s i7-9700F CPU and combined with the Nvidia’s 1660Ti. This pair creates great gaming performance and ensure longevity.

This gaming PC is able to run AAA games smoothly. Additionally, it also comes with 16GB RAM at 2666MHz. Not only has great performance at a lower price tag, this model also comes in a beautifully-designed case.

  1. SkyTech Shiva Gaming Computer

The second in this list come from the SkyTech Shiva which has decent internal and great for gaming. This model uses the Ryzen 2600 processor with 3,4 GHz processing power. This is powerful enough for a gaming PC at this price. It also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and large enough storage with 500GB SSD. However, this model doesn’t have HDD for backup.

This SkyTech Shiva Gaming Computer comes with a sleek sliver design and transparent glass on the side. Therefore, you will be able to peer inside. You can also mount the RGB case fans on the back panel if you want to for an aesthetically pleasing light show from your PC case.

  1. iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace PRO9500

It seems not too exaggerating to say that this one is the best pick in terms of gaming PC under $1000. It is mainly due to the latest generation CPU that this PC use and its powerful graphics card. The latest Ryzen 3rd generation CPU resulting in the excellent gaming performance. This power is enough to run most AAA games at 1080p and some 1440p. The PC also has an efficient dual storage solution, despite you have to be satisfied with the 240GB SSD only.

This model from iBUYPOWER comes with a sleek and sophisticated design. It comes with mouse and keyboard already, but you might need to buy a separate piece if you want some more premium keyboard and mouse.

  1. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA8880CPG

The next gaming PC get into this list is from the CYBERPOWERPC. This PC is built with AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processors and Nvidia’s GTX 1660 GPU, which is great not only for daily works but also performs well for games. Although it may not be the best, it works quite well for gaming especially at such price tag, and it also has good graphical performance too. However, you have to be satisfied with its minimum spec of RAM with only 8GB DDR4.

If the appearance of the CPU is important for you, you are going to love this gaming PC. That is because this PC comes with a sleek and modern-designed case added with RGB fan and PSU shroud.

  1. iBUYPOWER Elite Gaming PC Computer Desktop

It comes in a black case, but we have to say that the case is not the best. Despite that, it comes with a great specification that worth the value. This model is excellent for games since this prebuilt PC is designed for gamers. It carries the Ryzen 3700X processor which is perfect for games and combined with the GTC 1660 6GB GPU, you will have awesome gaming experience.

It comes with a hybrid storage solution of 240GB SSD, decent storage space for several games on your PC. It is also excellent for 1080p AAA gaming with 60FPS+.  Just like other iBUYPOWER models, this gaming PC also comes with a keyboard and mouse, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

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Now you have 5 options to choose if you have a budget around $1000 to get yourself a gaming PC. The best one out of these 5 for this price range would be iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC. However, each option above has its own pros and cons as well as price difference. So, take your time in choosing one that matters the most for you.

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