September 21, 2023

Best TV 55, 65 and 75 inch under $1500

Nowadays, TV comes at various model and features, which makes home entertainment becomes more interesting and fun. New features often come with higher prices as well, makes one wonder if they can get a decent TV with limited budget. However, since TV now also comes with various price ranges, you just need to figure out which one is worth to buy with the price offered.

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Sometimes, all the fancy features are what makes us interested in buying an electronic device. However, don’t just buy into these fancy features since many times perhaps you don’t even need such additional features. By selecting which function you need, you can get a decent TV 55, 65 and 75 inch inch at under $1500 that worth the price. Here are the recommendations.

1. LG OLED55B9 (55”)

LG is known for producing great electronics out there, including TV. At the price range of $1500, LG comes out with the LG OLED55B9, one of the best 55 inch TV at this category. This TV offers sleek and stylish black-colored design, making it looks beautiful in your entertainment room. Not only has great visuals, this TV also comes with decent features.

First of all, this HDR TV offers rich and saturated colors due to its wide color gamut. Additionally, it also comes with great motion handling which capable of delivering fast-motion graphics. For daily use, this TV offers outstanding performance, despite the risk of temporary image retention and burn-in. But don’t worry about these cons since most people do not experience this issue.

2. SAMSUNG QN55Q70R (55”)

If the burn-in risk in the previous list is your biggest concern, and also if you want to find TV that is great for video games, then try the SAMSUNG QN55Q70R. It has a great contrast ratio and local dimming support, making it perform really well in a dark room. You can experience the cinema-like movie watching with this affordable TV.

This TV is a great alternative to the previous LG OLED55B9 especially if you don’t want the burn-in risk. Additionally, it supports a lot of gaming features, making it the perfect choice for video gamers. At under $1500, SAMSUNG QN55Q70R is definitely the perfect choice.

3. Vizio Q65-F1 (65”)

Vizio A65-F1 may not offer wide viewing angles like the LG OLED55B, or its perfect blacks. However, this LED TV has no burn-in risk, which tends to occur in the LG OLED55B9 model. It also offers impressive graphics with its high native contrast ratio. Additionally, the wide color gamut and wonderful HDR performance offer vivid and sharp color, making watching TV feels even more interesting.

Despite the excellent features, you have to be satisfied with the losing accuracy if you see the TV from the side. This is mainly because of the poor viewing angles. However, if you don’t have a wide setting arrangement, this shouldn’t be a problem since it mainly able to perform very well.

4. LG 65SM9000 (65″)

If a wide viewing angle is what you are looking for, then you should try the LG 65SM9000. This model offers wide viewing angles that are not offered by the Vizio Q65-F1. These wide angles mean that you can watch this TV with great accuracy even when you have wide seating arrangement. Additionally, the TV also offers great picture quality with sharp colors and images.

This TV also performs well in a brightly lit room because it can fight the glare. Due to the flexibility in viewing, this TV is better for a wider room since you can still watch the image accurately even when you are sitting on the side.

5. TCL 75R617 (75”)

Last but not least is the TCL 75R617. In terms of picture quality, it may be losing points from its competitor mentioned above, the Vizio Q65-F1. It also doesn’t have the perfect black as the LG model mentioned above. However, this TV has a decent quality that is worth to be considered.

This TV offers great picture quality that is suitable for any type of room. It is perfect in a dark room but can get very bright in a brightly lit room, making it comfortable to watch. The wide color gamut also offers vivid and clear colors, something important and you need to consider when purchasing a TV. However, just like the Vizio Q65-F1, it also has a limited viewing angle and is not suitable for larger room.

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Those five TV 55, 65 and 75 inches under $1500 are some of the best TV in such categories with lower budget range. While one and another seems a lot similar, the small differences are what you need to consider if you still confused with the lists above

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