September 22, 2023

4 Different Types of Subwoofer Boxes

The woofer isn’t the only thing which influences the bass you hear from a subwoofer. To ensure you have the best subwoofer performance possible, you need to enclose your subwoofer in a strong box. This should be a sturdy enclosure that is tightly constructed in order for the bass to be delivered completely.

Why does a subwoofer box deliver better bass sounds? Well, in a nutshell, it prevents low frequencies from getting canceled out. For example, when the front of the speaker emits low frequencies, the back of the speaker is producing sounds too. If there is no enclosure present, the sounds will eliminate a percentage of those low frequencies. But if you put them in an enclosure, the low frequencies can be heard.

4 Subwoofer Boxes Types

However, there is not just one type of subwoofer ox. There are at least 4 different types of subwoofer boxes which can each generate different levels of bass. Let’s examine those subwoofer box types now.

1) Sealed Boxes

Do you want your subwoofer to generate deeper bass that is more precise? If so, then you’ll want to enclose the subwoofer in a sealed box that is completely airtight. Just remember that tight bass works best from an airtight box. A flat response is to be expected, but the power handling is great. Although, sealed subwoofer boxes usually require additional power when compared to a ported subwoofer box. But you can maximize the performance by utilizing an amplifier with the proper wattage.

2) Ported Boxes

Some people prefer a more forceful bass. If you put your subwoofer into a ported box, then the low bass response will be reinforced for the listener. Ported boxes are actually vented boxes because the ports in the boxes are the vents. They offer more output when compared to a sealed box. It doesn’t even matter what the wattage is of the amplifier.

Anyone who loves listening to hard rock or heavy metal music will want to use ported boxes for their subwoofers. The bass that is delivered by ported boxes is even deeper than the bass delivered by sealed boxes. However, you must use a big ported box to get the bass deep enough to make this happen.

3) Bandpass Boxes

Do you want to maximize the booming effect of your subwoofers? A bandpass box is a specially modified version of the ported box which is designed to give your bass a full slam effect. There are two chambers inside of a bandpass box. One is a ported chamber, and the other is a sealed chamber.

The subwoofer is mounted inside so that the sound waves come out of the ported chamber. It causes the sound to have an incredibly high volume within a thin range of frequency in order to maximum efficiency and create a booming effect.

People who like hard rock, rap and reggae music prefer to have a more intense sound come from their speakers. That is why they will choose bandpass boxes, although they’re not suitable for every type of subwoofer. It is best to research the best subwoofers to use with bandpass boxes before purchasing one.

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4) Free-Air Boards

Free-air boards are hardly boxes at all. They’re basically a free-air system where the subwoofer is mounted onto a single board and put inside of another enclosure, such as a car trunk. Instead of a full box serving as the enclosure, you have the car trunk serving as the enclosure instead. This keeps the sounds from the front of the speaker separated from the rear end speaker sounds. That way, the low-frequency sounds do not get canceled out.

If you have limited space available, such as a car trunk, then free-air boards are ideal. Just make sure your subwoofer is compatible with a free-air system because they don’t handle power as well as the fully boxed subwoofers do.

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