November 23, 2022

Top 7 Best Subwoofers for Car Audio

You can distinguish a subwoofer from a normal car audio system based on the sound quality of the bass. If you have trouble hearing those low notes on your current car audio system, then you should think about getting a subwoofer for your car audio instead. You won’t find a device that’ll provide better bass quality than a subwoofer.

Stereo speakers are okay for a lot of things, but not for bass. The problem with stereo speakers is the position they’re placed in the car because it ultimately affects their sound quality. Our ears can detect where the sounds are coming from, which means improperly positioned stereo speakers will not sound right.

However, you won’t have this problem with subwoofers because the position of extra-long bass notes is not detectable by our ears. This means you can put the subwoofers anywhere in your car and the sound quality will remain the same. A lot of people put their subwoofers in the trunk of their cars because many subwoofers come inside of a large enclosure which is too big to fit in any other location of the vehicle. The sound quality remains the same.

Top 7 Products

Below are the top 7 best subwoofers for car audio. The main differences between them pertain to their size, price, power, enclosure casings, and appearance. Choose the best one to accommodate your vehicle.

1) Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz

The Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz does not come with an enclosure, so you’ll need to build your own. But it does have an idyllic box which is surely going to give you a nice rattle as you drive. The pulp cone consists of Kevlar material to ensure it is durable and sturdy. The other material around it consists of Santoprene, which is a special trademarked material. It can handle RMS power between 300 and 1000 watts.

2) MTX TNE212D

The MTX TNE212D is a full audio kit which includes an installation kit, MTX car subwoofers, a mono amplifier, and more. You don’t need to be experienced to perform the installation because all the mathematics and logistics have been done for you. Just use the idyllic enclosure to store the two subwoofers. Each one has a power handling of 200 watts of RMS power, giving it 400 RMS power in total.

3) JBL CT-Bass Pro12

The JBL CT-Bass Pro12 comes inside of an enclosure already. It is designed to provide premium sound efficiency. This means the sound quality of the bass is the clearest you’ll ever hear. The subwoofer has a 12-inch diameter made of polypropylene cone and rubber. The RMS power can reach up to 450 watts.

4) MTX Audio 5512-44 5500

The MTX Audio 5512-44 5500 is another high-quality 12-inch subwoofer from MTX. Not only is there a dual 4 ohm, but there is also a unique Spider plateau feature which provides venting to cool off the driver. That way, when the voice coil heats up as it booms, all the warm air generated will flow away. The RMS power is 400 watts.

5) Kicker 12-Inch 300W 

The Kicker 12-Inch 300W comes in a set of two speakers. They’re made from some of the finest quality parts and components imaginable. This includes molded cones, double-stitched surrounds, and a tough steel basket. There is also venting around the perimeter, so that warm air has a place to leave. The RMS power of each subwoofer is 150 watts, which gives it a total of 300 watts.

6) Pioneer TS-SW2002D2

The Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 may have an oversized cone, but it is one of the more affordable subwoofers on the list. The depth of the top mount is 2 5/8 inches, and the diameter of the subwoofer is 10.5 inches. Since the cone structure is so big, there is more space for air to move. This produces deeper bass and a much louder sound.

7) Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact has an enclosure that is constructed of high-quality material. What you’ll like most about this subwoofer is that it is very compact, which means you’ll save on space in your car. It can fit in the tightest places of your car without hindering the bass quality. The RMS power goes up to 150 watts.

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