February 1, 2023

Top 5 Best Electric Massager for Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. It used to be that only older people suffered from back pain because their bones become more fragile with age. But now, we see younger people developing back pain because of their stagnant lifestyle. An increasing number of people simply spend more time sitting down in front of their computers or television sets. This ends up ruining their posture and spinal position, which results in back pains and neck pains.

Rather than take over-the-counter pain relievers, you can ease your back pain with a powerful electric massager. Numerous research studies have proven that back massagers can effectively relieve stiff muscles and stimulate back circulation. Some massagers come with several options for targeting your full back, upper back, or lower back.

Top 5 Best products

Electric massagers basically use vibrations and heat to give you the massage. You can select how intense you want the vibrations to be on your back. However, you may find certain electric massagers more comfortable than others. It all depends on how badly you need a massage and what your budget is.

Below are the top 5 best electric massagers for back pain.

1) Resteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Resteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a uniquely designed massaging device which targets your shoulders and neck. It is one of the few massagers which gives you handles that let you position it properly behind your back and neck. You will never need to struggle to find the right spot anymore because you can easily maneuver the massager by using those handles. The massager comes with a car adapter and A/C adapter, so you can use the device at home or in your car.

2) Zyllion ZMA13BK

The Zyllion ZMA13BK is a shiatsu pillow massager which produces heat for your back muscles. It is best used when you’re sitting in a chair because the massager can be secured directly to the back of it. If you’re traveling in your car or sitting at your computer desk for hours, the Zyllion ZMA13BK can do a lot to reduce your back pain. It is a small device too, so you won’t have problems fitting it on most chairs. The Shiatsu massage nodes mimic the experience of a real Shiatsu massage by changing directions and applying deep pressure to the back and neck muscles.

3) Purewave CM-07

The Purewave CM-07 is a handheld massager which can target any area of the body where you’re feeling achy pain or strain. It comes with all sorts of attachments which can deliver a relieving massage experience to your muscles. Many sports therapists and certified chiropractors have endorsed this product and recommended it to their patients. The Purewave massager has dual motors for extra-strong vibrations delivered right to your sore muscles. The only thing that you might not like is the noise, but the benefits of the massage are worth it.

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4) Nursal Shiatsu Heated Massage Seat Cushion

Do you want a Shiatsu massage which covers your entire backside? If so, then this heated massage seat cushion is just what you need. It contains four massage nodes which can bring relief to various painful areas of the back. If you’ve ever had a real Shiatsu massage before, this will feel like you’ve really got hands massaging your back. All the functions can be controlled with a wired remote control that comes with it.

5) Back2Life Back Massager

The Back2Life Back Massager is a great solution for someone who has been suffering from back pain for an extended period of time. It natural promotes spinal realignment while relieving pain, discomfort, and pressure. You won’t get immediate results from the Back2Life Back Massager, but it’ll pay off if you stick with it.


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