September 21, 2023

Top 5 Best Cordless Hammer Drills 18v and 20v

Are you a construction worker or do-it-yourselfer? If so, then you’re probably looking for a high-quality cordless hammer drill to use for some of your projects. Cordless hammer drills are not like ordinary drills because they deliver more drive and power to the material.

It uses a hammering action to drive the drill’s force through extremely durable material, such as stone, masonry or concrete. The primary purpose of drilling these materials is to create footings for pinning wall framing. Some cordless hammer drills are more powerful than others. That is why you’ll see 18-volt and 20-volt cordless hammer drills available.

Best Cordless Hammer Drills

But which ones are the best? Below are the top 5 best 18-volt and 20-volt cordless hammer drills. Each one has its unique characteristics and specifications. Although the 20-volt delivers more power, it might be too much power for specific projects. That is why you should consider all the specifications carefully and choose what is best for your particular project needs.

1) DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill (DCD771C2)

The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit offers a top speed of 1,500 RPM on 20 volts. It contains a high-performance motor that brings 300 UWO (unit watts out) of power to your projects. You’ll be able to complete all kinds of projects with this much power under your wing.

You can set the drill transmission speed to 450 RPM or 1,500 RPM, depending on your needs for the moment. Having low speed and high-speed options open up the ability to perform a more comprehensive range of drilling and fastening applications. Its single sleeve ratcheting chuck gives the drill bit a tighter grip and maximum strength for your applications.

The drill contains an ergonomic handle offering total control and comfort for the user. Its compact design is 1.9 inches wide, so you don’t need much strength the hold it with your hand. The battery capacity is approximately 1.3 ampere-hour.

2) Makita XFD131 18V LXT

The Makita XFD131 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Drill features 18 voltage, 900 RPM of speed, and battery power for mobile use. The mechanical two-speed transmission gives you the option to switch from 500 RPM or 900 RPM, depending on how much drilling force you require.

Its BL Brushless motor offers a maximum torque of 440 inch-pounds. It is electronically controlled to promote battery energy efficiency and a 50% longer runtime on each charge. And since it is a brushless motor, you don’t need to use carbon brushes. You’ll notice the motor runs much cooler that way and promotes a longer life for it.

Makita has always been a trustworthy brand for power tools. This Makita XFD131 has a 5-star rating on Amazon, which is a rare achievement for any item if you think about it. The dimensions are 10.16” x 15.08” x 6.06”, making it compact and easy to control and maneuver. You will get a lot done with this drill, for sure.

3) Bosch 18V GSR18V-190B22

The Bosch GSR18V-190B22 Compact 1/2” Drill/Driver Kit offers 480 inch-pounds of torque to maximize your productivity on any project. This enhanced torque rating comes integrated into a compact and lightweight drill design. The total weight of the drill is 2.75 pounds, which does not include the battery weight.

If you love accurate drilling, then you’ve come to the right drill kit. The Bosch GSR18V-190B22 has 20+ clutch settings and a proper drill & driver to reduce damage to the fastener. The automatic lock mechanism secures the bits in place and makes it easy to change the bits. It is the perfect technology for amateurs who don’t usually work with drills every day.

There are two-speed settings available. The high speed gives you 700 RPM, and the high-power mode gives you 450 RPM. There are built-in LED light and a soft ergonomic handle design for easy gripping and control. The kit also includes a carrying bag, two 1.5 Ah SlimPack batteries, and an 18-volt charger.

4) Milwaukee M18 18-Volt

The Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drill is a high-powered 18-volt battery-powered tool that gives you mobility, speed, durability, strength and convenience. It has a fancy red color with the brand name “Milwaukee’s” displayed on its side. The driver’s maximum speed is 1,800 RPM, far superior speed than what you see with most other cordless drills.

The drill only weighs 2.5 pounds. Its dimensions are 10.7” x 10.4” x 4.4”.  And yet, it features a whopping 500 inch-pounds of torque to deliver the power necessary to get the job done. What is also impressive are the RedLithium batteries for ultimate power efficiency and delivery. You won’t need to use the charger so much because the battery charge lasts 50% longer than other battery models.

A lot of customers have commented about the wonderful balance and control of the drill. These qualities make the drill useful for overhead applications and projects involving tight spaces. Its advanced overload protection prevents abusive applications by automatically tracking the temperature and stopping damage before it occurs.

5) BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver, 3/8-Inch (LDX120C)

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver is the perfect drilling solution for all projects involving wood and metal plastic. The drill can drive screws through these materials without any issues whatsoever. The components included in the kit are the LDX120 Drill/Driver, LBX20 20V Lithium-Ion Battery, double-ended bit, and LCS20 charger. It features a complete compact and lightweight design for easy control and handling. That means less fatigue and more comfort each time you drill.

The variable speed technology enables countersinking without any material getting damaged. The 11-position clutch offers control precision for any screwdriving task. The specifications include a black and orange color, 20 voltage, 650 RPM of speed, 3.35 pounds of weight, 115 inch-pounds of torque, 1,500 watts, and dimensions of 10.63” x 3.69” x 8.5”

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Tips to Choosing Cordless Hammer Drill 18V and or 20V

Facing a problem to decide which cordless hammer drill you should buy? Is it the 18V or the 20V? You don’t have to feel weird. That is normal. People tend to confuse by these two battery capacities on the cordless hammer drill. For that reason, this article will help you to know more about it.

The Difference between 18V and 20V Battery

Before we move to the tips, let’s find out the difference between those two. First of all, the cordless hammer drill with 18V and 20V uses a similar battery type. It is a 5 cell battery. Each cell in that battery produces 3.6 Volts of nominal voltage rating. So, the total nominal voltage ratings of 5 cells in that battery are 18V.

As for the maximum rating, each cell can produce 4 Volts. It means a battery with 5 cells will produce 20 Volts. From this point, we believe you can easily grasp what the 18 and 20 nominal is. Yes, the 18V cordless hammer drill uses the nominal voltage rating. The 20V type uses the maximum voltage rating of the batter. The conclusion is it doesn’t have that much difference in power.

How to Choose the Cordless Hammer Drill?

As we explained above, you don’t have to get confused by the power level. Each of those types produces the same or similar power. So, when you have to choose which product you should buy, you can use these factors to consider.

  • The Price

Choose the product within your budget. The 20V type may have a more expensive price. But, it doesn’t mean you get a more powerful drill. The 18V could have better features, functionality, and even power output. Therefore, choose the drill that fits with your budget. That way you won’t waste your money on a product that is not worth its price.

  • Torque

Consider the maximum torque you can get from the drill. It doesn’t matter which battery type that you choose. As long as it has high torque, that product is the best choice for you. The higher torque gives you more power. It helps you to ease the work you do with the drill. You will feel the difference when you use it to drill on a hard surface.

  • Size and Weight

Size and weight help you to use the drill efficiently. For example, the cordless drill with a compact size could give you better maneuverability. You can easily move it around in a small space to work on the drilling area. The weight is also the same. The lightweight drill is more comfortable. You can use it much longer without putting more burdens on your arms. In short, with better size and weight choice, you get more freedom.

  • Usability

Another thing you should look for is the features. Find the drill that has more features than others. More features mean you get better usability. It also improves your working productivity and performance.

  • Brand

Brand maybe is the easiest way to choose the drill. In most cases, popular brands always have the best quality product. For example, you can try to look at Makita or Dewalt collection to find the drill that you want. They have one of the best series of a cordless hammer drills with 18V and 20V of power.


The bottom line is you don’t have to get confused by the battery capacity. So, do not choose the product just because it has more power than others. Look for other elements that we have mentioned above. And, those are all our Tips to Choosing Cordless Hammer Drill 18v or 20v.

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