September 21, 2023

Top 8 Best Computer Monitors for Eye Strain

Do you spend several hours per day staring at a computer monitor? If so, then you know all about eye strain and how it can impact your health. You may develop headaches, dizziness, or even eyesight problem if your eye strain is too severe.

The level of contrast and brightness on the display screen has a lot to do with the cause of eye strain. However, the type of display screen is a much bigger factor because some monitors come with filters and back light settings to help you ease your eye strain. You just need to know which monitors are eye-friendly and which ones are not.

Our Best Picks

Fortunately, we have done all this research for you. After testing various monitors and analyzing their screens and filter settings, we’ve created a list of the top 8 best computer monitors for eye strain. We hope that you find this list to be quite helpful in your pursuits of reducing eye strain.

1) ASUS PB279Q 27-Inch 4K/UHD

The ASUS PB279Q is a 27-inch computer monitor with 4K Ultra High Definition picture quality on an IPS display screen. IPS is an acronym for In-Plane Switching, which offers wider angles and bolder colors to view on the screen. This is the same type of technology that you see utilized in LCD display screens as well.

What makes ASUS PB279Q particularly special is its TUV-certified Flicker and Blue Light Filter. This is the technology that reduces eye strain and eye fatigue in the users who stare at the screens for hours a day. You can adjust the different filter settings to ensure that you have the best possible eye relief and protection.

Don’t worry about your height in conjunction with the monitor because its ergonomic design enables you to adjust the height accordingly. You can also tilt, swivel, and pivot the monitor to the best position possible as you sit in front of it.

There are no USB ports in the monitor, but there are 4 HDMI ports. HDMI is a much stronger connection for transmitting video and audio signals between electronic devices, so the outcome will be better anyway.

2) BenQ GW2765HT

The BenQ GW2765HT computer monitor is priced modestly and does a good job of reducing eye strain for users. It is a 27-inch monitor that works wonderfully as a home monitor or office monitor. Some people even like to watch movies on the monitor because of the Low Blue Light Technology that is included. This technology creates the best visual experience possible without straining your eyes.

At 109 pixels for every inch on the screen, the videos and imagery that you see will look beyond amazing. You have a number of port options available which let you connect the monitor to various electronic devices. There is a DVI-D port, VGA port, an HDMI port. There are even built-in speakers, so you don’t need to connect separate speakers to the monitor in order to hear sounds.

There are several modes available for enhancing picture quality. You can choose Standard, Game, Movie, Photo, sRGB, Reading, or ECO. Each mode is supposed to make it easier to perform a certain type of viewing. For instance, if you want to read a lot of text on your computer monitor, then you would change the mode to Reading. This will reduce your eye strain as you focus on the letters and words that you are reading.

3) ASUS MX259H

The ASUS MX259H computer monitor features an LED display and an extremely wide viewing angle that offers a high-quality picture. The viewing angle goes up to 178 degrees, in fact. The audio performance is superb, thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster technology built into the monitor.

As far as eye strain goes, the ASUS MX259H is one of the best computer monitors for people who deal with eye strain. It has a Blue Light Filter to reduce eye fatigue, along with no flickering whatsoever. The monitor is ultra-slim as well, and there is a sundial-style stand that allows you to easily position the monitor at a comfortable level in front of you.

You can connect your computer to the monitor by using the HDMI port or VGA port connections. The monitor lets you adjust various settings for the picture, such as the level of brightness and sharpness.

4) BenQ EW2750ZL

The BenQ EW2750ZL is a 27-inch computer monitor, which gives you plenty of room to view your favorite videos and photographs. The small bezel design allows you to fit the monitor into a comfortable position in front of you. Most people use this monitor for entertainment reasons, such as for their video games and movies.

You won’t experience hardly any eye strain because its Low Blue Light technology and Flicker-free feature are TUV certified. No matter what brightness level you set for the monitor, flickering will be reduced because of this technology. Because of this, your eyes won’t get so strained from watching the screen all day.

You can choose between four different low blue light modes that are preconfigured into the monitor. These modes include Multimedia, Reading, Office Works, and Web Surfing. So, for example, if you want to watch movies or video streams, then you would choose Multimedia mode for the best picture quality. If you need to do your office work on the computer, then switch the mode to Office Works on the monitor for the best eye relief possible.

5) Dell UltraSharp U2412M

The Dell UltraSharp U2412M is an inexpensive computer monitor with some of the best color quality that you can find for this price. It is also an energy-efficient monitor, which means you’ll save more money on your electric bill each month. It is a 24-inch monitor with great off-angle viewing and color production capabilities. You will understand why it is called “UltraSharp” when you see the picture quality because it is very sharp and colorful.

There are several connection ports integrated into the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, including a DVI port, Display Port, VGA port, and 5 USB ports. You have so many connectivity options, so choose the one which works best for your computer or other electronics. The only downside is there is no HDMI port. This might put you at a disadvantage with certain electronic devices that require HDMI connectivity. But if your electronics offer any of those other connection options, then use them.

6) ViewSonic VA2855SMH

The ViewSonic VA2855SMH computer monitor has a 28-inch screen with awesome color efficiency and contrast, thanks to its SuperClear Pro image technology. The wide viewing angles of the monitor give you a lot to see in 8-bit color picture quality. The full 1080p high-resolution imagery won’t strain your eyes one bit. This can be attributed to the Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free technology built into the monitor.

Other great features included are the dual stereo speakers and View Mode technology, which lets you change between various color modes. Some of which include picture viewing, reading, view watching, video gaming, and web surfing.

There are no USB ports, so that is kind of a disappointment. But for a price of under $180, you can’t go wrong for a monitor that has great picture quality and reduces eye strain at the same time.

7) BenQ BL2711U

You might recognize the BenQ technology brand. They are known for their affordable computer monitors that are designed to reduce eye strain for its users. The BL2711U monitor has a 27-inch screen, 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, flicker-free technology, anti-reflective matte coating and IPS panel technology. When you combine these features together in one monitor, you have a screen that will hardly strain your eyes at all.

Brightness adjustments are another important factor in reducing eye strain. The BL2711U offers 10 different brightness levels, so you can adjust the brightness to a level that causes less strain on your eyes. Unfortunately, the price of the monitor is not as low as you would like. The average retail cost is about $500, which might be a bit high for most people’s budgets. But if you like the idea of controlling brightness to various degrees, then perhaps you’ll consider making this purchase.

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8) ViewSonic VX2457-MHD

The ViewSonic VX2457-MHD computer monitor has flicker-free technology to reduce your eye strain considerably well. The 24-inch screen offers all the eye-friendly features you could ever want, such as AMD FreeSync, 1080p screen resolution, and four different color modes for the monitor. These modes include Reading, Gaming, and Web Surfing. The best part is that the response time of the monitor is lightning quick.

Other convenient features of the VX2457-MHD include dual-integrated speakers, blue light filter technology, HDMI port, VGA port, Display Port, and other customization settings. On the downside, the ODS navigation may not be the best. A lot of users tend to complain about that, but not about anything else.

At a retail price of $129.99, the VX2457-MHD is very affordable for the average computer user who simply wants a monitor that doesn’t cause them as much eye strain.

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